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Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm EST
video and we have not talked about the magic art 2 filters >>host: shooting it will capture the action in a perfectly now we to talk about the beauty mode. it is amazing. the lot of these features and a camera that is% $149.95. what he would spend to get a lens that would give 24 time optical zoom. they have had not had this technology in the past to have the telescopic zoom on a point and shoot. you can now access information visually from miles away. we saw central park from miles away. that is incredible. you have 30 different scene knows she will show you my favorite the beauty mode in a moment. that are many reasons to like this.get it home $37.49 on your credit card. i have less than 900 remaining for all of you. that 600 of you and the ordering process. $150 worth of software. there are about 900 left.this camera is special and it is loaded with $150 for the software is by getting the camera as a bonus >>guest:fee included software you can make christmas gift or holiday cards. here is a cool feature i will access the menu by touching the menu but and i have a beautiful picture o
Dec 3, 2012 12:00am EST
ready to go go to bed and i am happy i stayed up. >>host: you have a terrific loraine action remembered this call she edges as jewelry for a living. you cannot buy c13 this price range they are unheard of in what's happening here today. if you are on fall and stay there if we see you and will continue to take all your phone calls and we thank you so much. we are so thrilled. >>guest: there is not a single piece ofareer jewelry that we do for that value. it is too difficult. >>host: couple things to watch you know about we have matching pieces such as tennis bracelet it is absolutely gorgeous and the closer we get the more amazing and looks. look at how it sparkles. >>guest: if you get these necklaces earrings at home you'll notice a cut on these are so unique they're not perfect their machine cut and hancock but there of 5 to one that looks very organic because they are. >>host: not sure how many will find out if you want to long as gorgeous bracelet i am astonished last time we showed it and if you are like me many of us were not able to get these because there were gone and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2